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Ausland Tiling Team Constructions (ATTC) is a Commercial and domestic contractors Company specialize in all areas of tiling, and any types of Tiles?  from floor & wall tiling preparation, waterproofing& bedding (screed) to precise and neat tile installation of all types. Commercial and domestic. If you are unsure of what is the best application for your project we will offer our professional advice based on years of experience and 1000's of projects. Commercial “Domestic “new homes” renovations and maintenance’ Please let us to tell you what we really can do for you in General


2- Waterproofing

3- Bedding  

4- silicon

5- Renovation & Repair

Tiling Services of any kind, and not limited to:








Tile Removal

bluestone installation

sandstone installation

Stone tiling

commercial tiling

Domestic – new homes, renovations, maintenance

Commercial – new projects, renovations, all wet areas and heavy traffic areas

We are Commercial tiling Queensland. our tilers are more than 15yrs of experience in the industry. Provide wall and floor tiling services in All Brisbane + Gold cost + Sunshine cost area.

Floor preparation – levelling and preparation

Maintenance – sealer application, service of completed works, cleaning and removal of building materials

Tiling benefits

There are many benefits for tiling indoor and outdoor areas of your home and/or place of work. Tiled surfaces are very easy to clean and maintain, simply sweep or vacuum and wash regularly with water. A non-porous tiled surface (eg mosaic or porcelain) is very hygienic, germs and bacteria cannot feed or live on non-porous surfaces.

Tiling is beautiful and more importantly, durable. Tiled surfaces have a relatively longer live if compared to most other wall and floor coverings. Tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic due to their resistance to abrasion and tread wear.


Tiling adds value to your home or workplace.

To see some our tiling contractors project, bathroom tiling, Kitchen , visit our Tiling gallery. 

Commercial Tilers Brisbane 

The quality of the tiles themselves and the quality of installation, both have an important role to play in setting the overall aesthetic and functional value of your business place. It is therefore recommended that you select professional commercial tilers in Brisbane for the job, such as Ausland Tiling Team.

Being an expert provider of commercial tiling services in Brisbane, we are well versed with the selection and installation of high prestige tiles to provide you admirable tiled floors and walls.

We have a proud collection of top quality, beautiful and durable tiles for commercial clients for both, floors and walls. Our patterns and colors can make your commercial property appear sophisticated and elegant, or loud and bold – we have the ability to match your taste and decorative preferences.

If you are confused about which type of tile will best suit your commercial set-up, do not worry. Our expert team will be more than happy to share their expert advice with you. Ceramic tiles are best for areas with heavy and rough foot traffic, including your kitchen and laundry areas.

Stone tiles look great in the outdoors. If you have a park or a flowered walkway that leads to your commercial set-up’s entrance, let us make a stone tiled floor in your outdoors to make your entrance look highly appealing and sophisticated.

Apart from the type of tiles, the color and pattern are other two important commercial tiling considerations that help in creating the overall appearance of the tiled area. Lighter colors help in making the area appear more spacious, airy and bright.

If you are a commercial set-up that requires decorative flexibility, we would suggest neutral colored tiles – because they work well with any kind of decoration you decide to create!

We have so many more similar ideas and suggestions for you! So, what are you waiting for? Just pick up your phone and give us a call @ Ausland tiling Team – the leading commercial & domestic tilers in Queensland ( Brisbane “Gold cost” Sunshine cost) We are always available 24/7